1. Control System

2. Costs

3. Organising Poppy for Medicine Projects

4. Unmet Needs

An Integrated Control System: utilising traditional local control structures

Poppy for Medicine projects would take place in the context of three levels of integrated control, that would take advantage of traditional control structures already well entrenched in village society, as well as of national and international security and development support. An essential local planning process would determine the mutually advantageous and mutually controlled parameters of the scheme designed to protect the physical safety of project participants and prevent diversion to the illicit trade. The control system elaborated would involve the village shura; relevant government departments, district governments and the Afghan National Police; and the international development community’s development agencies currently operating in Afghanistan.
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The definition of the project parameters is essential to the integrated control system. A fully documented process that involves all actors and puts them in constant consultation with each other would ensure the active participation of all and the control of participants through visual recognition, effectively avoiding project spoilers. The shura would have the power to penalise participants for disrupting the medicine production or diverting materials, while the external physical parameters of the projects would be secured by security forces. An evaluating phase at the end of each production cycle would enable the shura and external actors, including the Afghan government, to assess the sales, losses and profit of the project and the capacity of the Integrated Control System to secure the project throughout each phase.

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